This Week’s Highlights

This Week’s Highlights

Hoefler & Frere-Jones release Idlewild, a new sans-serif font.

I couldn’t buy this one fast enough.

Three new Mac application bundles were released this week – MacUpdate Bundle (11 apps for $50), Productive Macs Bundle (8 apps for $40), and the Mac Productivity Bundle (78 apps, 21 WordPress themes, two sets of icons, and six ebooks for $50).

I bought the MacUpdate Bundle for ScreenFlow (normally $100) and Parallels Desktop ($80). These bundles are great deals, but they are around for a limited time.

Great article on web typography by iA: Responsive Typography: The Basics.
(via Smashing Magazine)

I will be reading this over and over. By the way, the layout looks great, but vaguely familiar.

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