My First Mac: The Power Mac 7100

My First Mac: The Power Mac 7100

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the Apple Macintosh. Apple has posted a nice tribute to this groundbreaking computer on their site. Other people are sharing their stories of their first Macs, so I thought I would share mine.

The year was 1995 and I was living in Pasadena, CA attending night school at Art Center College. I had decided that I needed a computer because lab time at school was hard to get and paying for time at the local Kinko’s was getting expensive. After some discussion, my grandparents were generous enough to offer to pay for a Power Mac 7100/80. They also agreed to buy the software, too (Photoshop, Freehand). I barely hung up the phone before I was out the door to go to the student store.

I don’t remember actually buying the computer… I think I was too elated.

I raced home with my beautiful prize. I barely got it up two flights of stairs – hey, that monitor was heavy! I carefully unboxed the Mac and set it up on my futon bed. I pressed the power button and heard that wonderful startup chime. I clicked through the system folders like a giddy school girl. It was mine, ALL MINE!

After five minutes, I had to come back to Earth. Everything was unplugged and put back into their respective boxes. I stacked it next to the front door and moaned like a kid whose toys were taken away. Tomorrow I was moving to my new apartment and I didn’t have any place to set up the computer that night. I couldn’t keep it on the futon!

Yes, I was silly for setting it up only to take it down, but I couldn’t wait a few days to settle into the new apartment. Would I have bothered with all that trouble for a PC running Windows 95? Nope.

(Photo: XS-Labs – Computer Museum)

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