a.k.a. Amber Hewitt
Amber Hewitt

Amber Hewitt is the founder of Graphicgoo, a full-service graphics partner specializing in graphic design and front-end web development. As a designer, website expert, and social media master, she helps businesses navigate and break through the clutter by telling their unique stories through the lens of their own brand and brand goals.

Amber has a BFA in Graphic Design from ArtCenter College of Design and since graduating has gained 15 years of experience in an ever changing industry. In that time, her career has given her the opportunity to truly develop a passion for brand development, UI/UX design, typography, and all things design related.

She’s able to find inspiration in the digital world, as well as in the unplugged universe. When she is away from her computer (don’t worry, she’s never far), she enjoys scuba diving, riding her motorcycle, and long walks on the beach with her dog.

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